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Men Beard growth oil 20ml


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Use parts: eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, armpits, genitals, chest, hands, legs, face,
Efficacy: to help the body hair growth, beard growth, eyebrows growth, eyelash growth, hair growth, leg hair growth, hand hair growth, chest hair growth,
New natural organic beard oil clutch conditioner for mature beard, beard, soften your beard
1:For eyelashes thick and grow, recommend a bottle. See the results in25-35 days.
2:Thickness for the eyebrows grow. Recommended 2 bottles. Results 35 days.
For the temple grew thicker, recommended 2-3 bottles. 45 days results.
For beard grows thicker, at least 3 bottles are recommended. See results for 50-70 days
Usage: Use 1-2 times a day, in the need to grow hair parts of the application of essential oils, gently massage can be,
2 minutes after cleaning with water,
Ingredients: Ginseng and other A-level natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Centella 
Has been shown to stimulate new follicle growth, those faces that are difficult to grow.
Beard-enhanced spray also stimulates the growth of existing facial hair thicker, faster, longer and stronger.
Itching is reduced, and can be used regularly to get a more comprehensive, healthier beard.
Natural ginseng has been shown to improve faster, longer hair growth.
Please note that ginseng has a unique smell, you can slowly get used to,
After a while it will wear out, the result is definitely worth it.
This is the natural extract of the essence, need a long use, will have a good effect, please insist on using, beard to grow in the regular use of 4-6 weeks a substantial increase,

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