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Chinese Natural Thickening Agent for Beard Hair Treatment Oil/ Shampoo

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Plant Chinese medicine thickening agent for hair treatment beard oil shampoo hair loss fast hair growth crescer cabelo keratin
Using method:
After shampooing, take proper amount of plant anti de sterile make repair type bottle(), evenly to the hair root, a little massage, to be absorbed so far, once a day.
After repair type bottle run out, Continue to use the consolidation type bottle(),To consolidate the hair follicle, nourish the newborn.
[ingredients]: This product is the main ingredient of Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Ganoderma lucidum, Radix Astragali, sesame seeds, gum Jiang Gen, oriental arborvitae, angelica extract etc..
About effect:
This product is the best for the effect of seborrheic alopecia, close to 100% efficiency.As long as you insist on using a month,You will feel a significant reduction in hair loss.
Adhere to the use of two months,New hair will grow up quietly.
Different types of hair loss, the results are as follows:
Seborrheic alopecia: efficiency of 99.7%.
Symptoms: scalp excessive secretion of oils and fats, dandruff, hair sparse and fine, Matt, the line has a high fever, severe will m head or Mediterranean type O hair loss symptoms.
Nerve alopecia(alopecia areata,Bald):Effective of 93.6%.
Symptoms of mental illness, mental stress lead to disharmony of Qi and blood, running sluggish, nutrient depletion, hair follicles of ischemia and hypoxia, quickly off a large area.
“Plant anti off yo make technology by inhibiting sebaceous gland secretion of excess, clear the hair follicles, improve the status of hair follicle nutrition supply, repair hair follicle and produce large quantities of hair mother cell, can accompany root sterile hair!
Four major characteristics:
1, oil control: by inhibiting the sebaceous glands secrete excessive, control the oil secretion close to the normal value, balance DHT concentration, prevent the accumulation of sebum in the hair follicle, so that the hair to get a good living environment.
2, clear, clear the hair follicles, open the hair follicle to decompose the greasy and sticky substance, kill mites and fungi in the scalp, strengthen hair root, stop hair loss.
3, nutrition: through the role of hair follicle at the bottom of the nerves and capillaries, the effective promotion of the scalp and hair follicle dermal microcirculation, improve the supply state of hair follicle, restore the normal supply of blood and oxygen, guarantee nutrient delivery systems and the smooth, improve the nutrient absorption rate of hair follicles and make hair thick.
4,: a variety of valuable components in Chinese herbal medicine directly acts on the bottom of the hair follicle of nerves and capillaries, repair hair follicle and produce large quantities of hair mother cell, continued division keratin, a large number of duplicate hair required cystine acid, Bacon’s real sterile hair!
[Specification]: 50ml plant anti off hair growing cream (repair type) +50ml plant anti off hair growing cream (consolidation type)
[function]: is suitable for the poor in seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, women postpartum hair loss, women menopause hair loss, head of mites and the blood circulation of the head, the hair follicle obstruction, excessive use of the brain caused by all k

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