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    Beard Wash Shampoo

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    2 pcs Lanthome Beard Wash Men's Beard Shampoo Deep Cleansing Nourishing Beard Cleanser Moisturiser Deep Cleansing Beard Wash Shampoo 120ml

    About the product:

    MY GOODMEN! The beards have come! Care for them with beard shampoo & conditioner containing my best beard oil! I declare your beard will look like a rabid mongoose no longer!
    I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION GOODMAN. Do you tire of owning 47 different types of beard balm, beard shaper and beard conditioner? Well, I have a solution better than that Trojan horse idea
    You MAY give up semblance of taming your hairy holiness, but I do declare Beard Shampoo will give perfection!
    STOP LOLLYGAGGING WITH YOUR FACE! Do you even know what's in your beard softener goodman? You don't have to be Steve Jobs to do the research. My organic formula will make your beard fuller than a landfill in Northern California!
    I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU ABOUT FACIAL HAIR GROWTH! Tea tree! Rosemary! Biotin! Aloe! Argan Oil! Peppermint Oil! Manuka Honey! Eucalyptus! I rest my case goodman! Makes a great Xmas present and it will absolutely be the best deal of The day for you today!

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    Beard Shampoo for Hair

    Hair Type


    NET WT


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    2 pcs / lot

    Item Name

    Beard hair shampoo dry shampoo

    Feature 1

    Beard cleansing anti dandruff shampoo

    Feature 2

    Beard hair growth shampoo and conditioner

    Feature 3

    Beard balm moustache beard products

    Feature 4

    Gift For Men smooth hair shining hair

    Feature 5

    Moisturizing beard oil beard shaving

    Feature 6

    Beard Wash for Grooming hair restore

    Feature 7

    Beard washing offer hair vitamins

    Feature 8

    Beard edge control shape beard Beard Care

    Feature 9

    Beard Shampoo for Growth and Thickening


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