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    Beard Grooming Kit


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    New upgrade: We have added a high quality double-edged blade to the package to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. The Beard shape kit includes a shaped comb, a professional straight edge razor, a 10-piece double-edged and a stainless steel beard.

    Double-edged blades: Double-edged blades for different equipment needs. Using a single-edged blade is very simple. Take out the double edge and break from the middle. Easy access to 2 single-edged blades. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel and are recommended to be separated from the outer packaging when broken.

    Beard shape comb: With this shape comb, you get a perfectly symmetrical beard shape, cheek line, neck line, chin line, dirt, goats, etc.

    Professional: Stainless steel straight blade razor with ergonomic handle. The stainless steel double-edged inserts in this kit make it easier to organize your beards. The kit meets the needs of your beard.

    Spend a lot of time every day to take care of your beard? Are you tired of expensive bars, but do you want to keep your beard or beard regularly and wear them neatly every day?

    Material: styling comb new environmentally friendly plastic PS, razor scissors and blade stainless steel

    Size details: shape comb 14*18*0.3cm,

    Shaver size: 12.1x2x0.7cm,

    Envelope carton package size: 19.5×1.5x14cm

    Product net weight: 120g


    Spend a lot of time every day to take care of your beard? Are you tired of expensive bars, but do you want to keep your beard or beard regularly and wear them neatly every day?

    I have good news. Try the Meagan Beard Shape Toolkit and you’ll find that you can do it as a professional – no longer wrong. This versatile beard shape tool meets all your style needs, so you just have to enjoy the feminine charm.

    Beard shape comb * 1: Suitable for all face types, a variety of beard style choices.

    Professional straight blade razor* 1: Black stainless steel exterior with ergonomic handle.

    Stainless steel double-edged* 10: Made of high-quality stainless steel, you get 2 single-edged blades that need only be separated from the middle. Be careful when breaking. It is recommended to separate from the outer packaging when disassembling.

    Stainless steel beard scissors * 1: Port bevel design is more suitable for the face, easy to repair your beard.

    Package Included:

    1* black styling comb

    1* black stainless steel razor

    1* black scissors

    1* one box of blades (10)


    Reminder: About 2 cm above the navel, you should take personal measurements. If you are not convenient to measure waist circumference, you can choose the code with reference to weight.

    Note: The waist circumference is the most accurate choice. Please measure the waist circumference before selecting the code.

    Warm description: manual measurement will have an error of 1-3 cm, please understand.

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    stainless steel





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    1 * black styling comb


    1 * black stainless steel shaver


    1 * black scissors


    1 * a box of blades




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