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    8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit


    4Pcs Beard growth8Pcs Beard growth
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    8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit
    8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit

    8 Pcs Beard Growth Kit Hair Growth Enhancer Thicker Oil Essentital Oil Facial Beard Care Set Nourishing Beard Best Gift For Man

    [Name]: Beard care kit

    [Products/Specifications]: beard cream 60g, butter 60g, beard oil 30ml, beard cleaning liquid 150ml, beard conditioner 150ml, beard comb, beard brush, small scissors (8-piece set)

    [Packing]: flip magnet box, 23.5*24*5.5cm (as shown in the picture)

    [Efficacy]: Contains a variety of plant essential oils, cleans and cares beards, nourishes softness and shines, shapes and builds

    [Efficacy]: Activator/serum, activate hair, promote beard growth, microneedle roller: maximally absorb serum and stimulate sleep hair follicles.

    (1) After cleansing the face, disinfect the titanium alloy microneedle roller with disinfectant (spend the spray 10-15 cm from the microneedle roller, spray it 2-3 times evenly, let it dry for 20 seconds), then apply it to the area where the essence needs to be applied. Gently roll back and forth about 10 times
    (2) Apply the beard to the essence and massage until it is fully absorbed.
    (3) Massage with a matching zinc alloy comb, and promote the absorption of epidermal blood and hair follicles at the same time, while modeling the beard.

    Precautions for microneedles:
    1. There are wounds in the area to be treated, severe acne, acne attack, infection prevention and scar physique.
    2, do the sun protection the next day after use
    3. Eat less irritating food when doing micro-needle
    4, micro-needle special for people to avoid cross-infection.


    ✅ Health & Thick Beard – Our derma roller for men pared with our beard growth serum can help promote a much healthier and thicker beard!The beard roller help increases blood circulation,beard growth oil provides vitamins and nutrients needed for beard growth,beard comb help organize your beard.
    ✅ Safe & Healthy Ingredients – Our beard oil growth kit are made of pure natural ingredients and have been tested professionally.The activator serum can help beard growth and facial hair growth for men , no hurt the skin; The beard roller can get a effectively cleaned before each use.
    ✅ Safe & Painless Needle Design – Our beard derma roller needle
    which is the best and safe length for beginner to intermediate at home use. The process is not painful.Cleaned before any use and roll vertically,horizontally,and diagonally on the coverage areas about 10 times each before applying beard growth serum.
    ✅ Easy To Use – Our beard kit for men just need 4 simple steps that can help your beard grow healthy.The beard growth oil adopt pressing head design,easy to use and cotrol dosage;The beard comb lightweight and small,easy to carry.
    ✅ Best Choice For Gift – The beard kit packed in a luxury gift box,including beard roller + beard oil growth + beard comb+ beard roller washing 4 Pcs,very suitabe as a gift for men/father/husband.

    Package Include:
    Growth fluid*1
    Microneedle wheel*1
    beard cream *1
    butter *1
    beard oil *1
    beard cleaning liquid *1
    beard conditioner *1
    beard comb *1
    beard brush*1
    small scissors *1

    Additional information

    Brand Name




    Number of Pieces

    One Unit

    Microneedle Length




    Power Source

    None Electric

    Production License


    Item Type

    Beard Oil


    Beard Growth Kit


    Beard Roller

    Ingredient 2

    Growth solution,disinfectant Spray,Roller


    6 pcs Beard Growth Kit



    Contain 1

    beard cream

    Contain 2


    Contain 3

    beard oil

    Contain 4

    beard cleaning liquid

    Contain 5

    beard comb

    Contain 6

    beard conditioner

    Contain 7

    beard brush

    Contain 8

    small scissors


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